Pakia is almost ready to launch

Pakia Launch

Almost ready to launch!

Pakia is almost ready to launch, and we are excited to make the introduction and tell you all about it!

What is Pakia?

Pakia is the new cloud app for independent insurance agents, small and bigger agencies.
As an agent, you constantly have to sift through and manage a load of data and paperwork. We constantly develop Pakia, to help you do so. Eliminate the amount of time you spend on agency management and take the time you need to drive your sales high.

It is simple

Pakia is really easy to set up. You can customize Pakia in just a few quick steps. Set up commissions, insurance companies and anything you need, in a snap. Start working as soon as you sign up.

It is complete

Manage your policies, commissions, customers and agents in a simple and effective way. Effectively streamline all your agency info in one single app.

Pakia lives in the Cloud

Your agency data is available anyplace, anytime. Pakia lives in the cloud: just sign up and start working.

Why become part of Pakia?

Every insurance agent should have access to insurance software and take advantage of the opportunities technology has to offer. Pakia is a state-of-the-art app, and it’s built to help insurance agents all over the world make their agency management simple.

What’s next?

Make it simple and make it complete. Sign up with Pakia and reclaim progress!
Visit our app website and hop aboard!

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