Privacy Policy

What information will Pakia be collecting?

We store and maintain on our facilities files, documents and other data stored in the user account. In order to avoid loss of data due to system errors or failures, we back up the data, including the contents of your user account.

How will the information be stored?

Your files and data remain on our servers even after you delete or terminate the user account. We can assure you that your user account data will not be accessible by any third party.

How will Pakia be using the collected information?

Pakia services may include announcements, such us service announcements, administrative messages or newsletters.
The User understands that those announcements are part of Pakia Services. In our policy for total protection of personal data we also provide the choice of not receiving newsletters.
However, there is no choice for not receiving software announcements and system notifications.
We do not process your user account data to serve targeted ads.

Will Pakia share that information with anyone else?

The information you send us will be deemed confidential. Pakia Software Services LLC will make reasonable efforts to keep such information private, and will not sell it or disclose it to third parties, except with service providers as described in the privacy policy of our website, or when required to do so by law.

Privacy Policy was last modified: January 30th, 2018 by Pakia