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Outgoing commission schemes

Outgoing commission schemes for products and coverages of any Carrier *An agent is connected to one outgoing commission scheme but an outgoing commission scheme may be connected to more agents. Create Outgoing Commission Scheme Gear icon→Outgoing Commission Schemes→Create Outgoing Commission Scheme Complete the form (Name, date created, notes) and then click Save. All carrier, products and … Continue reading “Outgoing commission schemes”
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Incoming commission schemes

Set commission schemes and leave the rest on pakia! Commission Basic info Automated calculation: When a policy is created the incoming commission is automatically calculated, as long as incoming commission has been set. Commission scheme: Every insurance Company may be connected to more than one incoming commission schemes, but only one scheme is Basic. Incoming commissions in … Continue reading “Incoming commission schemes”
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Create products in less than a minute *Before you begin make sure you have created the Carrier and its coverages. Click here for instructions on creating coverages. Create Product Carriers→Products Create Click Create Product and enter the basic info. Carrier and insurance type are mandatory fields. Click on Save and you have just created your first product. Manage Products … Continue reading “Products”
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Carriers and coverages

Create and manage Carriers and their coverages easily! Create Carriers Click Create Carrier and complete form with the basic info: Name VAT Cooperation started at Contact Person Tax percentage URL Provider Notes Click Save and you have just created a Carrier. You may update its info, delete company (by deleting a Carrier you also delete related … Continue reading “Carriers and coverages”
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Manage Agents

Manage all of your Agents and their commissions easily using Pakia! Agents at Pakia Agent is considered whoever collects commission from the Agency. The commission may be set as: percentage of net premiums percentage of incoming commission (Agency’s commission) different percentage per Carrier/ coverage/insurance type *Before you create an Agent at pakia you should create an outgoing commission … Continue reading “Manage Agents”
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Initial set up

Set up Pakia and start working using our Setup Wizard. Step 1: Click on Select Insurance Types to add insurance types Step 2: Click on Add Carriers and products to add more Carries. A default list of coverages will be automatically added for each carrier. Learn more about Carriers Initial set up was last modified: … Continue reading “Initial set up”
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