Manage Agents & Users


Agent and User Management

Give your team access to pakia and make agency management simple for everyone!


Invite Agents

Invite agents to manage their policies and customers in one place. Each agent has access to his/her own policies and customers.

Extra users

Invite as many users as you wish. Set default or custom rights per user. Share your agency management with your team.

Task Manager

Use task manager to assign tasks to other users. View the completed, pending or unfinished tasks for each user.

Commission Management

Create outgoing commission schemes in the most flexible way. Define commission per insurance company, insurance type, product or coverage for each agent. Manage complex or multilevel commission schemes.


Get reports on how your team performs: active policies, rate of renewals and financial info.

Define user roles

Invite extra users and define their role: agents, secretary or admin. Edit or update access rights and provide high-level access for policy and customer management.
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